Vadim Bass

art historian

Dr. Vadim Bass is a professor of art history at the European University in St. Petersburg. His main research interests are Russian and foreign architecture of XX century, architectural competitions, theory and rhetoric of architecture.


The rhetoric of the architectural text // Cognitive scenarios of communication across languages and cultures. Simferopol, 2002.

Realization of group socio-cultural values and strategies of the architectural corps in the competitions (by the example of Russian competitions of the neoclassic age /1900–1910/) // 1st International Humboldt’s Readings. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg State University, 2003.

St. Petersburg neoclassicist architecture of the 1900–1910s. Architectural competitions: architect, architectural corporation, city. St. Petersburg, 2005.

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Topicalization of the Classics in St. Petersburg architectural competitions of the 1900–1910s. Abstract of the PhD thesis. St. Petersburg, 2006.

Architectural corporation and the city. The design competitions on the reconstruction project of the Nikolaevsky railway station // ‘I’/’And’. Collected articles. Ed by S.Daniel. St. Petersburg: European University at St. Petersburg, 2007.

The Union of City and Forest. Hanging on Air. Mask Show. All the articles in.: Paradigm / North. St. Petersburg, 2007.

‘Stalinist architecture’: the Reality of Utopia // Scientia artis. The Science of the Art: Art and Fiction. St. Petersburg, 2007.

Topicalization of the Classics in St. Petersburg architecture of the 1900–1910s. // XVI conference in memory of M.Dobroklonsky. St. Petersburg, 2007.

Paradoxes of socialist realism. The architect versus the authorities in the Stalin USSR. Autoportret N22. Krakow, 2008.

The articles in more than 10 magazines incl. ‘Hermitage Magazine’ (St. Petersburg, Russia), ‘Fashion Theory’ (Moscow, Russia), Autoportret (Krakow, Poland) were published, dealing with several aspects of architectural history and theory.


Architecture as communication

Buildings, city, architect: analytical case study

Monuments in architectural thought

Principles of analysis of architectural monuments

Speaker materials