Alexander Ostrogorsky

art historian, journalist

Alexander Ostrogorsky, Moscow architectural and design journalist, graduated from Russian State University for Humanities (2006) with major in history of art and final paper on constructivist's magazine' Contemporary Architecture' (published in 1920s). After four years of working as a reporter for main business publications, such as Vedomosti newspaper, Alexander started writing on architecture and design for Moscow newspapers and magazines (Afisha, Project Russia, Interni, Port, Vedomosti.Friday, Speech:, etc.)

Besides that, Alexander participated in many projects at Strelka Institute, first as public relations manager in 2010, and now as a writer in Strelka consultancy devision.

Since 2013 Alexander together with another architectural journalist, Maria Fadeeva, are teaching 'Communication Culture and Architecture' class at Moscow Architecture School MARCH (partner of London Metropolitan University).

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