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The eNsemble project exists since January 2001. Today it's a professional body performing all kinds of contemporary music. The eNsemble repertoire includes classical music of the 20th century, works of young composers, post-avant-garde, remakes and arrangements of ancient music, intuitive music and non-standard concepts of concert forms communication. The eNsemble takes part in chamber concerts as well as scaled programs such as multimedia opera productions. In 2003 the group lounged a series of mini-festivals devoted to music of European countries: the Dutch Season, the German Season. The eNsemble also takes part in the Pythian Games, the annual composers' contest. The ensemble includes young musicians of the Honored group of the Russian Academic Symphonic Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Saint Petersburg State Choir as well as other groups. The conductor of the eNsemble has been Fyodor Lednev since its foundation.

Speaker materials


Sacred Texts and Modernist Music of Arvo Pärt
  • 14 October 2018

John Zorn

Music of Radical Questions
  • 18 February 2018