David Menachem


Rabbi David Menachem is a liturgical Piyyutim singer, musician and composer. Menachem was raised in the old neighborhoods of Jerusalem under the tutelage of singers of the Piyyutim and specialists of the kabbalah. His cousin, the cantor Moshe Habusha, taught him the secrets of the Arab Maqam musical system and Arabic musical instruments. Since childhood, along with pursuing his Torah studies, he has performed with Iraqi musicians, members of the Voice of Israel in Arabic Radio Orchestra. David Menachem is presently active in promoting the world of Piyyut and Middle Eastern music in Israel. He has recorded dozens of ancient hymns that he learned from his grandfather, Gurje Yair, and he specializes in teaching poetry and Jewish Studies to Israeli singers at the Yedidi Hashachachta (My friend, did you forget) program at Next to the House of Hillel. In addition, Rabbi David Menachem has performed in festivals in Israel and abroad, among them: The Piyyut Festival, The Israel Festival, The Oud Festival, and the Fes Sacred Music Festival.

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