Anna Chekasina


Anna Chekasina – violinist, singer, composer and performer. Was born in Moscow (1986). Graduated from the State Classical Academy (2010), took part in many workshops and courses including Royal Academy of Music (London), Codarts University for the Arts (Rotterdam), Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Vilnius). Since 2005, Anna has been leading an active scenic life. As creator or participant of programs, she collaborates with representatives of various artistic trends, such as Vladimir Chekassin, Anatoliy Ryassov, Alexander Marchenko, Ludas Mockunas, Markus Pesonen, Alexey Kruglov, Alexander Girshon and Angela Doniy, Sergey Letov, Anna Koroleva, Vladimir Goloukhov and “Pervoe Solntce”, Felix Lakhuti, Kostarev group, Kaftan Smeha, The Decomposers, Snowface, Sergey Klevensky, Tina Kuznetcova, etc She works in the genre of improvisation polistilistic music, new music theatre, synthetic performances, involving actors of dance and video-art. Anna is the founder of art-project Shepot (with A. Ryassov), the author and member of its music programs and theatrical products. About 20 albums were released.

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