Gennady Estraikh

Philologist, historian

Gennady Estraikh is Professor of Yiddish Studies at New York University. In 1988-91 he was Managing Editor of the Moscow-based Yiddish literary monthly Sovetish Heymland. In 1991 he settled in Oxford, England, where he combined academic studies with Yiddish literary and journalistic activities. In 1995-2002 he worked at the Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies and London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies. In addition to his monographs Soviet Yiddish (1999, based on his 1996 doctoral thesis), In Harness (2005) and Yiddish in the Cold War (2008), he co-edited collective volumes: Yiddish in the Contemporary World (1999), The Shtetl (2000), Yiddish and the Left (2001), David Bergelson (2007) and Yiddish in Weimar Berlin (2010).

In 2013 received the National Jewish Book Award as a co-author of "1929: Mapping the Jewish World".

Lives in Oxford (UK) and New York.

Speaker materials

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