Elaine Solowey


Director of the Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Dr Solowey received a B.Sc in Commercial Horticulture from the University of California (Davis) Penn State University and went on to complete a MSc and PhD at Columbia Pacific / Weber State University. Her masters work was on on desert agriculture and her PhD focused on land reclamation. In 2016 she received the Ben Gurion Prize for the Development of the Negev.

Elaine’s current research covers a wide range of subjects from the study of endangered medicinal herbs to the search for plants that can be grown in marginal and arid areas employing underutilized water resources, and the study of biblical plants native to southern Israel and Jordan. Her ongoing research explores crops suitable for arid and saline lands. Dr. Solowey is also a member of Kibbutz Ketura.

Her books include:

Supping At God’s Table: A Handbook for the Domestication of Wild Trees for Food and Fodder

Small Steps Towards Abundance, Crops for A More Sustainable Agriculture

Speaker materials