Irina Litmanovich

artist, director

Irina Litmanovich was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1980.

She went to Israel in 1997 according to the SOKHNUT Program and was admitted to the Department of Visual Communication at the “Bezalel”Arts Academy in Jerusalem. She graduated in 2002 and completed her diploma film The Letter, an animation étude based on motives in the works of Daniil Kharms.

She returned to Moscow in the winter of 2004 and worked on several films in the The Mountain of Gems (Gora samotsvetov) project at the Pilot Studio: as artistic director on Natal’ia Berezovaia’s The Ram and the Goat (Pro barana i kozla, 2004), as assistant director on Mikhail Aldashin’s and Oleg Uzhinov’s About Ivan the Fool (Pro Ivana Duraka, 2004), and as assistant artistic director on Andrei Sokolov’s The Evolution of Petr Sentsov (Evoliutsiia Petra Sentsova, 2005).

In 2004-2006 she started her studies in the Advanced Courses for Directors at the Shar School-Studio (workshop of Fedor Khitruk and Aleksei Demin).

She finished her studies with her diploma film Khelom’s Customs, based on a poem by Ovsei Driz.

2006-2007 гг. – worked on different animation projects.

2008-2009 гг. – worked at graphic design company ‘Image Press’

2009-2010 гг. – worked on animated film ‘Household Romance’ (Aquarius Film)

2011-2012 гг. – worked on animated film ‘Snow Rider’ (Dir. Alexey Turkus, Aquarius Film)

2012-2015 гг. – worked on animated film ‘Hand-Crafted Clouds’ (Aquarius Folm)

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