Bob Cohen


Musician (violin, mandolin, koboz, cumbus, flutes, Carpathian drum, vocals). Born in New York City into a Yiddish-speaking family, Bob came to Hungary in 1988 to research the traditional Jewish musical repertoire of the Carpathian region. Bob formed Di Naye Kapelye to present Carpathian klezmer music in its most authentic form. A member of the Jewish Music Research Center at Budapest's ELTE University, Bob has done extensive field research in klezmer and Yiddish music in Eastern Europe, the United States, and Israel. A founding member of the Budapester Klezmer Band, Bob has also performed and toured with Budowitz. He has served as musical consultant for numerous productions and has arranged music for theater and film, most notably the work of Miklos Jancso and the film "Jacob the Liar".

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