Gregory Yakerson


In 1997, Gregory (Grisha) graduated from the Rimsky Korsakov St.Petersburg Conservatory where he studied voice and conducting.

Before graduating he realized that he could have channeled toward the opera and In 1993 he joins the Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory Opera House. At the same time awed by the Jewish music he joined the St.Petersburg Grand Choral Synagogue’s Choir.

In 1997, as a participant in Moscow’s Jewish Choir, he travelled to Miami, where he became acquainted with Chazzanut (Traditional Chanting). Once again awestruck, the classically trained baritone returned to Florida to study and perform with several world-renowned cantors: Joseph Malovany, Moshe Shulhof and Benzion Miller. Five years later, he was a cantor himself. He researched the archives of the Grand Choral Synagogue for pre-revolutionary liturgical melodies.

During his operatic carrier he has performed with Finland’s Vaasan Opera Company and Conservatorio di Verdi in Milano, Italy.

In present he is the operatic director at St.Petersburg Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory. Formerly, he was the Operatic Director of the world famous Mariinsky Theater St. Petersburg’s Premiere Opera Company.

Grisha has davened as guest cantor at major synagogues in Strasbourg (France), Leeds (United Kingdom), Miami, Memphis, Palo Alto and Charlottesville.

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