Noah Hysler Rubin

historian, geographer

Noah Hysler Rubin is a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem), teaching at the departments of Architecture and Urban Design. A historical geographer and a town planner, Noah studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and carried out post-doctoral research at Queen Mary, University of London. Noah's main research interests include the theory and history of modern town planning; colonial town planning, especially in India and in Palestine; planning in contested cities; conservation theory and methods, and shared urban heritage. In her PhD, Noah examined in comparative context the planning theory and practice of Patrick Geddes in Britain, in India and in Palestine. She went on to examine the ongoing implications of Geddes' work and image in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv. Today she is working on a major project of comparative history regarding the planning and development of Palestine's cities during the time of the British mandate as negotiated between Jews, Arabs and the British. As a practicing town planner Noah was involved in the preparation of the new masterplan for the city of Beer-Sheva in the Israeli Negev desert. She has been writing state-of-conservation reports for UNESCO regarding the Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls since 2012.

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