Eshkolot team starts a new project

Beit Avi Chai introduces Ideas Without Borders, an educational/cultural/community building platform for online and in-person programs and events on Jewish philosophy, literature, ethnography, history, art, cinema, and programs for youth, in the Russian language.

With the new wave of immigrants living in Israel, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, the United States, and South America – as well as those remaining in Russia and Ukraine – Ideas Without Borders targets Russian-speaking audiences worldwide.

Participants will be able to partake of the programs in a variety of different formats – professionally filmed online presentations, discussions, workshops, podcasts, festivals, as well as special live in-person events.

In addition to all else, Ideas Without Borders employs the history of Jewish culture to make at least some sense of the current situation.

Wherever you or your Russian-speaking friends’ home may be, Jewish culture allows us all to remain part of the global community. For those who have made Aliya, our programs introduce the cultural codes necessary for integration into a new society.

For those who have left their homes and are yet to settle, the centuries-old experience of the Jewish Diaspora is there to teach us how to live, build and create on the road, in any conditions that we may find ourselves.

Ideas without Borders not only offers the opportunity to gain knowledge in a wide variety of fields but also invites academics, writers, artists, musicians and other creators to continue their work; teenagers, students and aspiring professionals will find new friends and connections.

The Ideas Without Borders team includes the leadership of Eshkolot who have relocated to Israel.

For more information on upcoming programs and events, please write to: