Queer Theory and the Jewish Question

  • 13 September 2020
    Philosopher Daniel Boyarin, artist Evgeniy Fiks and historian Galina Zelenina discuss the book which is out in Russian translation
    • 13 September 2020, 20:00

    In collaboration with the Knizhniki Publishing House

    The Knizhniki Publishing House has just published the Russian translation of “Queer Theory and the Jewish Question”, a collection of essays edited by Professor Daniel Boyarin (Berkeley).

    To celebrate the release Daniel Boyarin will meet for an online discussion with the New York based artist Evgeniy Fiks and historian Galina Zelenina. The event will open with an introduction by Knizhniki’s Editor-in-Chief Boruch Gorin.

    This book marks a glorious new instalment in the history of courageous, even outrageous Jewish thought.

    (Tony Kushner)

    The debate about the connection that exists between queerness and Jewishness is an age-old one. In early 20th century, “Jew” and “homosexual” were almost synonymous in terms of their social and sexual otherness. How similar are these categories? Is it all just about self-identification? Or are the parallels between them completely unfounded? These questions still not only occupy the literary, dramaturgical and cinematic discourses, but often are touched upon in political debates, in the struggle for equal rights for sexual and religious minorities and even in court. These topics are discussed in this collection of essays by the leading Jewish and gender studies experts. The reader will get to peek into Freud’s, Proust’s, Cocteau’s and Streisand’s closets and to come out with Dana International and Queen Esther.

    (the blurb of the Russian edition)

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