The Zohar

  • 25 March 2018
    What has been the cultural impact of the major Kabbalistic text?
    • 25 March 2018, 19:00

    The public lecture by Prof. Boaz Huss (Israel) will discuss the major Kabbalistic text, Sefer ha-Zohar, and delineate the reception history and the cultural impact of the book, culture, from it appearance, in the late 13th century, to our days. The lecture will discuss the composition and formation of the Zoharic canon, the authority of the Zohar and its perception as a sacred text, the impact of the Zohar of Jewish law and ritual, the criticism of the Zohar, and its integration within contemporary culture.

    The talk will be followed by a musical performance by Goat's Notes, based on the traditional recitation of the Zohar.

    The talk is in English with translation into Russian.