Soul Exodus

  • 19 November 2017
    Hungarian documentary on the coolest and craziest contemporary Klezmer musicians
    • 19 November 2017, 12:00

    Soul Exodus

    (2016, documentary, digital, color, 92 minutes)

    The story of five secretive characters, told with Klezmer music.

    Five 21st century young and not so young men someplace in the world. They are musicians in search for someone and something which might have been born in their imagination. Once upon a time in the beginning of the 20th century there lived a Klezmer musician and storyteller Prince Nazaroff. Many people don’t believe he ever existed, but these five do. They have imagined him, and imagination can be stronger than reality. To this day, Nazaroff lives in them. They can’t except that something could disappear forever. They call themselves ‘The Brothers Nazaroff’.

    A deeply emotional story told through Klezmer music about identity, emigration, inner emigration, brothers and godbrothers, religion and belief, faith and disbelief.

    A modern story about our strange world we live in.

    Starring 'The Brothers Nazaroff'

    Daniel Kahn, alias Danik Nazaroff

    Bob Cohen, alias Zaelic Nazaroff

    Michael Alpert, alias Meyshke Nazaroff

    Jake Shulman Ment, alias Yankl Nazaroff

    Psoi Korolenko, alias Pasha Nazaroff