Agnon's Philosophy of Language

  • 09 August 2017
    What did the most "language-oriented" Israeli author think of language?
    • 09 August 2017, 15:00

    Lecture by the professor of literature Roman Katsman (Bar-Ilan University) is a part of Eshkolot Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas "War and Peace of Languages: Linguistic History of Jerusalem" (Jerusalem, August 7-10, 2017)

    Prof. Roman Katsman offers an overview of the evolution of Agnon's philosophy of language. Usually Agnon's attitude to language is characterized in terms of deciphering his sources, intertextual games and philosophy of the "void" (hurban). In-depth analysis demonstrates that his philosophy of language evolved as a mythopoetical creativity along a trajectory, which is parallel to the mainstream of linguistic thought of XIX century.

    The lecture is scheduled for August 9, 15.00 at Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem (44 King George St.), entrance free.

    The lecture will be streamed live on this page.

    Prof. Katsman's talk is in Russian.