Fear and Trembling

  • 19 March 2017
    From Hellenistic Alexandria to misty Kopenhagen
    • 19 March 2017, 19:00

    In Fear and Trembling, Kierkegaard contrasts the Hebrew Bible sharply with Greek tragedy. If Abraham obeys God's command to sacrifice his son, he will not enjoy the comforts of self-pity and fatalistic resignation afforded Greek tragic heroes like Agamemnon. Ulrika Carlsson will explain Kierkegaard's view, but also bring it into dialogue with Kierkegaard's Either/Or, which expands the notion of tragedy. Misha Wogman will then discuss the Jewish hellenistic tragedy Exagogue (II BCE) as well as other ancient works which appear to blur the stylistic and philosophical line between the Greek and Jewish world-views. Together, the speakers will pursue the question: What place is there for tragedy and tragic comfort in the cultural imagination conditioned by the biblical revolution?