Museum of Architecture

5/25 Vozdvizhenka Street

+7 (495) 697-13-06

Schusev State Museum of Architecture occupies three exhibition spaces: an enfilade of the Talyzin-Ustinov mansion built in XVIII-XIX centuries, a renovated “Ruined wing” and medieval space of Aptekarsky Prikaz – refectory chambers of the XVII century. There is a collection of sculptures in the museum’s yard, closed off from the busy city streets and available for public access every day. The Museum’s collection nowadays includes authentic fragments of the Triumphal Arch by Osip Bove, latticework of the fencing of the XIX-XX centuries, garden sculptures of XVIII-XIX centuries. The museum holds exhibitions dedicated to the history of Russian and foreign architecture, as well as other related disciplines. Besides the principal exhibition practice, the museum also conducts research, restoration and educational work.

Nowadays the museum funds hold more than 800000 units in their storage. The preservation and study of the collection are carried out by the employees of the museum: departments of architectural drawings of the XVIII-XIX and ХХ centuries, architectural archive, department of preservation and restoration of three-dimensional objects, department of preservation of unique photography and negatives, restoration of drawings department, as well as the library. The museum of architecture provides access to the collectioms to individual researchers as well as scientific institutions.

Lectures at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture held from October to May offer visitors to get acquainted with history and theory of Russian and foreign architecture, its types and characteristics, styles and projects of the greatest architects. Depending on a visitor’s goals and preferences, they can either choose to attend the series of lectures systematically or prefer single visit of a lecture on a topic they are interested in. In the lecture hall regular meetings with outstanding architects representing their artistic concepts are also held.

A Children’s Center was founded in 2014 for the youngest visitors of the museum. The main purpose of the Museum Children’s Center is to give children an opportunity to study architecture in an accessible way, create their own projects, practice the craft of restoration. The programme of children’s courses is always expanding and growing. Nowadays the museum conducts classes of mosaics, joinery, art of monumental painting and academic drawing, carving on a white stone and architectural plein air. After the end of the academic year in July Children’s Center organize Archi-camp for the kids. The first two weeks of summer the young students study architecture of Moscow and its suburbs, the peculiarity of the archeological work in a megapolis, the art of restoration of decorative elements of architecture, and work together on the large collaborative project that they have to present in the end of the study program in one of the museum’s exhibition spaces.

In the main museum building there is a museum shop with wide range of books on history of architecture, art and design, a café and a book-crossing shelf.

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