Ibn Ezra, Sources (4)

Study materials for Simon Parizhsky's and Boruch Gorin's reading course

Haggadah di Hitler (sources)

Study materials for Dr. Avishai Bar-Asher's talk

Isaac the Blind and the Beginning of Kabbalah (sources)

Study materials for Avishai Bar-Asher's talk

Imagining Rabbi Nachman (sources)

Study materials for Maria Endel's slow reading course

Imagining Rabbi Nachman (additional sources)

Additional study materials for Maria Endel's course

Family Life of Medieval Jews (sources)

Study materials for Vladislav Slepoy's course

Family Life of Medieval Jews (presentation 1)

Powerpoint presentation for session 1 of Vladoslav Slepoy's course

Jewish-Christian Polemics (sources)

Study materials for Vladislav Slepoy's talk

Jewish-Christian Polemics (presentation)

Powerpoint presentation for Vladislav Slepoy's talk

Judaism and Philosophical Anthropology (sources)

Study materials for Andrew Benjamin's mini-course

Walter Benjamin and Architecture

English text of Andrew Benjamin's talk

Japan and the Jews

Powerpoint presentation for Eugene Steiner's talk

Micro-Cinema (essay)

Journalistic essay on the talk

Shylock, Friends and Foes

Notes for Avraham Oz's talk

Slow Reading of Kafka (sources)

Study materials for Uri Gershovich's and Alexandra Polyan's course

Sages at the Feast (sources)

Study materials for Reuven Kiperwasser's talk

Mythology in the Talmud

Study materials for Reuven Kiperwasser's talk

Sephardic Christmas

Powerpoint presentation for Galina Zelenina's talk

Jewish Christmas

Powerpoint presentation for Maria Kaspina's talk


Powerpoint presentation for Alexandra Polyan's talk

Leviathan and Behemoth (presentation)

Poewrpoint presentation for Boris Haimovich's talk

Loos and Wittgenstein

Presentation for Valery Anashvili's talk

Haus Wittgenstein (images)

Images for Ekaterina Kim's talk

Invention of Yiddish Folklore

Presentation for Michael Lukin's talk

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