Hebrew Speech in Israeli Cinema

Study materials for Miri Bar-Ziv Levy's lecture

Agnon's Philosophy of Language

Study materials for Roman Katsman's lecture

Linguistic History of Jerusalem

E-reader with background texts for the Festival

Linguistic History of Jerusalem (handouts)

Printed reader with study materials for lectures and courses of the Festival

War and Peace of Languages (info booklet)

Informational booklet of the Festival

Homecoming of Yiddish to Israel

Study materials for the lecture

The Academy of the Hebrew Language (presentation)

Powerpoint presentation for Dr. Keren Dubnov's lecture

Israeli Animation Films Night (program)

List of animation films curated by Dina Goder

Two Parables by Kafka

Study materials for Tanja Baskakova's talk

Brecht/Benjamin (presentation)

Presentation for Erdmut Wizisla's talk

Pejorative and Obscene Phraseology in Hebrew

Study materials for Y. Eidelkinid's, S. Parizhsky's and A. Polyan's talk

Obscene Speech in Hebrew Bible

Abstract of Yakov Eidelkind's talk

Architecture of Memory

Powerpoint presentation for Vadim Bass' talk

Greek Tragedy and Hebrew Bible

Study materials for Ulrika Carlsson's and Mikhail Vogman's lecture

Games in Jewish Culture

Study materials for Simon Parizhsky's and Valery Dymshits' talk

Games in Jewish Culture (presentation)

Powerpoint presentation for Maria Kaspina's lecture

Angelic Sexual Education

Study materials for Yoel Regev's lecture

Marginal Angels

Powerpoint presentation for Michael Maizuls' talk

Source Reader

Study materials for Y. Eidelkind's and D. Harman's mini-course

Joseph (1)

Powerpoint presentation for Dilshat Harman's workshop

Joseph (2)

Powerpoint presentation for Dilshat Harman's workshop

Joseph (3)

Presentation for Dilshat Harman's lecture


Presentation for Dilshat Harman's workshop

Kabbalistic Circles in Jerusalem

Background reading for Jonatan Meir's lecture

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