Eshkolot Festival in Berlin

The Eshkolot Festival has been made possible with the generous support of Genesis Philanthropy Group and with the kind assistance of the Jewish Agency for Israel — Germany

Metropolis: Weimar Berlin as the Capital of Jewish Modernism
Eshkolot's Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas

Berlin, November 4-7, 2019

Historical contingencies of time and place sometimes come together to create a unique Chronotope — unmistakably recognizable combination of Zeitgeist and genius loci. A hundred years ago Weimar Berlin became a global migration hub, a multilingual marketplace, exploding with artistic, technological and social innovation amidst economic crises and decadent nightlife. For about a decade it was a capital of Jewish modernism — philosophical (Scholem, Buber, Benjamin, Bloch), literary (Döblin, Roth, Byalik, Agnon, Bergelson), artistic (Lisitsky, Rybak), architectural (Mendelsohn) and musical (Weill, Eisler).

The aim of the Festival is to create an immersive experience of  the 1920s' Berlin through the study of historical and literary sources and to uncover the traces of Jewish Metropolis still influencing the life of today's city.

The festival program includes lectures, mini-courses, reading workshops, thematic field trips and cultural events.

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (check for updates)


Gertrud Pickhan (Freie Universität Berlin)
Charlottengrad and Scheunenviertel. East European Jewish migrants in Weimar Berlin


Marc Caplan (University of Wroclaw)
Berlin as the Capital of Yiddish Modernism

Tatjana Baskakova (Moscow)
Berlin, Alexanderplatz: Alfred Döblin’s Literary Modernism

Frank Stern (University of Vienna)
Jewish Culture and Weimar Cinema


Tatjana Baskakova
Alfred Döblin’s New Babylon: three literary walks

Denis Esakov
Berlin 1929-2019: in the steps of Weimar flâneur Franz Hessel


Film Screening at Babylon Cinema — Jewish themes in Ernst Lubitsch’s classical silent films. Commentary by Prof. Frank Stern, live musical accompaniment

Chamber Music Concert — Modernist Jewish Composers of Weimar Berlin: Kurt Weill, Hans Eisler and Stefan Wolpe (ensemble mosaik)

Selected events will be open not only to full festival participants, but also to general public (free of charge, registration required), register now to save the date and subscribe to updates about events, dates and venue locations.

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