21:30, Speyer Synagogue

The Soundscape of Pre-Modern Ashkenaz

Concert in Speyer

The concert is a part of Eshkolot Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas «Jerusalem am Rhein: Jews and Christians in Medieval Germany»

International early music ensemble Lucidarium lead by Avery Gosfield performs songs, hymns and dances of Jews and their neighbors in Medieval and Renaissance Ashkenaz in the new synagogue of Speyer.

Concert program:

Shir Ha'Shirim (Florentine tradition)

Phebi Claro (Codex Vaticano, X-XI cent.)

Troppo perde'l tempo ki ben non t'ama (Laudario di Cortona)

Partite, Amore, adeo (Laudario di Cortona)

En consirier et en esmai (Bernart de Ventadorn (1135-1149))

Or Yesha Meʾusharim (Shelomo HaBavli)

Flores su tant m'abbelis (Folquet de Marseille)

Matzor baʾatha ha-'ir  (Menachem ben Yaakov, Worms, 1201)

Ma'oz Tzur (traditional Hanukkah song)

Eli Tziyon (traditional Ashkenazi song)

Corrente (Giovanni Lorenzo Baldano (1576-1660))

Azo vil ikh zing’n un vil nit ligin (song from Oxford manuscript)

Ai Warum wilstu hinweken ziehen (song from Melchior Frank collection (1611))

Epelekh en Barelekh (song from Moishe Beregovski collection, 1929)

Judentanz (Wolf Heckel, Strasbourg, 1556)

Min Hamezar, ich tu’ anrufen got (traditional song from Wallich collection, XVII cent.)

Entrance free.

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