19:00, Garage

Erogenous Zones of Reality

Lifshitz and Materialistic Kabbalah


Public program for the exhibition If our soup can could speak: Mikhail Lifshitz and the Soviet sixties

Erogenous Zones of Reality: Lifshitz and Materialistic Kabbalah

Philosopher Yoel Regev talks to exhibition curator Dmitri Gutov

The art exhibition devoted to the Soviet philosopher and art critic Mikhail Lifshitz will host a discussion of possible connections of his thought with radical movements in Jewish mysticism.

Sunday, April 29, 7-9pm
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

“This means that our mind, being true to its definition, should actively seek in reality points charged with universality…” This phrase of Mikhail Lifshitz, which essentially summarizes his approach to idealism and his interpretation of materialist aesthetics, correlates in a strange way with Kabbalistic-Hasidic strategies of “seeking points of holiness” in the worlds of “impurity” and “externality” in order to “clarify” and “elevate” them. It is not a case of a chance parallel or a historical-cultural “influence”, but of a common epistemological field.

Entrance is free, online registration is required.


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