Mini-Course: Jewish Art 16/09/2013
20:00, Winzavod

Daughter of Zion

From a Roman Coin to Zionist Iconography


The Roman Senate commemorated the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. by issuing an official coin known as JUDAEA CAPTA – The Captured Judaea. The coin had turned into a highly charged and suggestive symbol. It represents the end of ancient Jewish independence and marks the beginning of the Jewish People’s Exile. The allegorical image of 'Captive Judaea', or 'Daughter of Zion' became a common motif in Hebrew and Yiddish poetry of the nineteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, as in a metamorphosis, ''The Captive Daughter of Zion', that stands for humiliation, destruction and captivity, has turned into 'The Liberated Daughter of Zion', a symbol that is a complete reversal of the original. 'Liberated Judaea' is an allegorical figure that conveys freedom, liberty, independence and sovereignty. During the late 1940’s she has turned into a motif representing the Resurrection of the Jewish People in its homeland — through Zionism. The lecture analyzes exemplary visual images of 'Judaea Liberated' including Israel Liberata, Israel’s first official medal, an Israeli version of the familiar 'Daughter of Zion' motif.

Judaea Liberata

Study materials for Dr. Alec Mishory's lecture

Judaea Liberata

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