15:00, Museum of Jewish History




House of Rare Objects

Exploration of the Museum of Jewish History

"Expedition" into the vaults of the private Museum of Jewish History Grigory Kazovsky, Maria Kaspina

Baron's Treasure

Exploration of Ginzburg Collection
14:00, RNL

"Expedition" into the vaults of Pashkov House (Russian National Library)

Alina Lisitsyna

Revelation Toward Naught

Paul Celan and Jewish Mysticism
20:00, Turgenev Library

Prof. Moshe Idel reads and discusses selected poems by Paul Celan

Moshe Idel

Safed in Italy

Lurianic Kabbalah and Italian Renaissance
20:00, SIAS

Lecture by Prof. Moshe Idel

Moshe Idel

19:00, Turgenev Library

Lecture by Shaul Bassi, professor of literature at Ca'Foscari University of Venice

Shaul Bassi

Another Renaissance

Jewish Intellectuals in the Ghetto of Venice
20:00, Italian Institute

Lecture by Shaul Bassi, professor of literature at Ca'Foscari University of Venice

Shaul Bassi

Soul Exodus

Film Screening and Discussion with Bob Cohen
12:00, Documentary Film Center

Soul Exodus (2016, documentary, digital, color, 92 minutes) The story of five secretive characters, told with Klezmer music. Five 21st century young and not so young men someplace in the world. They are musicians in search for someone and something which might have been born in their imagination. Once upon a time in the beginning of the 20th century there lived a Klezmer musician and storyteller Prince Nazaroff. Many people don’t believe he ever existed, but these five do. They have imagined him, and imagination can be stronger than reality. To this day, Nazaroff lives in them. They can’t except that something could disappear forever. They call themselves ‘The Brothers Nazaroff’. A deeply emotional story told through Klezmer music about identity, emigration, inner emigration, brothers and godbrothers, religion and belief, faith and disbelief. A modern story about our strange world we live in. Starring 'The Brothers Nazaroff' Daniel Kahn, alias Danik Nazaroff Bob Cohen, alias Zaelic Nazaroff Michael Alpert, alias Meyshke Nazaroff Jake Shulman Ment, alias Yankl Nazaroff Psoi Korolenko, alias Pasha Nazaroff

Bob Cohen

Music from Not So long Ago

Traditional Jewish Music of Central Europe
20:00, DOM Centre

In partnership with Hungarian Cultural Center in Moscow Di Naye Kapelye Concert Di Naye Kapelye began in Budapest in 1993 as a project to explore the roots of Klezmer music in Hungary and Central Europe. Field research among older Jewish and Roma musicians in Transylvania, Moldavia, and Hungary provided insights and repetoire of the folk music styles and performance of Jewish music in villages in the decades after World War II. Although they may sound archaic, this is music learned from living sources.

Di Naye Kapelye, Bob Cohen

Shakespeare in the Ghetto

Eshkolot Festival in Venice

Eshkolot Festival of Jewish Texts and Ideas, Venice, Italy, December 4-7, 2017.

Shaul Bassi, Arnaud Bikard, Avery Gosfield, Yoel Regev, Sanna Turoma

Eshkolot Online Academy

Learning Environment

New Eshkolot Learning Environment - Online Academy with best videos, audio podcasts and interviews from Eshkolot.


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